Social Emotional Learning


My name is Andi Rubino and I am the School Psychologist/ Behavior Specialist for Lodi Elementary School and Ouisconsing School of Collaboration! I have an Education Specialist degree and am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

This year my roles include:

-Providing individual counseling, small group, and classroom instruction on topics related to community building and social-emotional learning (e.g., recognizing and managing emotions, building positive relationships, problem solving, etc.).

-Working jointly with school staff to identify any student needs that may interfere with learning. Building on student strengths and developing any needed interventions.

-Providing related services for students that have a 504 Plan or receive special education services and have Individualized Education Plans.

-Working with students and families to develop and support social, emotional and behavioral regulation skills in and outside of the educational setting.

Please take a look at these highlights from our 2018-2019
school year and some of our Second Step Curriculum!

Contact Us

Andrea Rubino
School Psychologist
608.592.3842 ext 2111

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